Terrorism Risk Insurance

Terrorism Risk Solutions (TRS) supports multiple industry verticals, including commercial real estate, condominium associations, multifamily, and hospitality, to name a few. Our stand-alone solution outdoes the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) on price and coverage.


With Terrorism Risk Solutions:

  • No government declaration of terrorism is required
  • The government’s high threshold of loss for activation of coverage doesn’t apply
  • Property, business interruption, and liability can all be covered
  • Additional capacity can be obtained as needed
  • Coverage is individually rated rather than a percentage of property premium
  • Prices are better than TRIA’s
  • Underwriting is fast
  • Coverage meets lender requirements

TRS is an MGA that is licensed in 50 states and backed by an A+XV carrier providing property, casualty, and active shooter coverage solutions.


Kenyon Hall | CEO | Terrorism Risk Solutions

Joel Willis | President | Terrorism Risk Solutions